Renovating with Porcelain Slab in the GTA

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Porcelain slabs are becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners are renovating with porcelain slab in the GTA.

Choosing the Right Porcelain Slab

Porcelain is available in a rainbow of vibrant and muted colours. If you’re trying to match an already existing colour scheme, porcelain can simplify the process. For a more modern look, choose clashing or contrasting colours.
You’ll also have to decide if you want glazed or unglazed porcelain. Glazed porcelain adds an extra layer of stain-resistance, but it has a distinct disadvantage; the top layer of glazed tiles is a slightly different colour than the rest of the tile. Unglazed tiles are "through-colour,” which means that they are exactly the same colour all the way through. If a glazed tile is chipped, the colour on the inside may vary slightly from the glazed top. Depending on where your porcelain is and how large the chip is, this may or may not be noticeable. When unglazed porcelain chips, it isn’t as noticeable since the colour beneath is the same. That makes unglazed porcelain a good choice for busy hallways or kids’ bathrooms.

When Porcelain Looks Like Wood

Wood in the kitchen is a hot trend right now—although it does have its risks. A leaky fridge or a flood from an over-packed dishwasher can warp or even destroy wood. Fortunately, you can find porcelain that will mimic the look of actual wood. It provides the beauty of wood without the riskiness.
Wood can wear over time, showing trails where it is heavily used. Porcelain doesn’t discolour, so its colour will stay true, providing the wood look you love while aging gracefully.
It also doesn’t need to be sealed or waxed for protection. Instead, just sweep the porcelain or clean it with a soft mop to pickup dirt and grime. This prevents dust and dirt from being ingrained over time and potentially damaging your "wood.”

Porcelain in the Yard

Porcelain is an excellent choice for the GTA because it’s moisture-resistant, durable and resists frost and deep abrasions. Even after a cold, snowy winter, your porcelain should emerge looking good as new in the spring.
Porcelain is a good choice for balcony flooring or a wall design. It can also make innovative stepping stone patterns.
Porcelain is a good alternative to hard natural stones, like granite. Most people don’t realize that it’s 30% harder than granite. Porcelain can be styled to mimic the look and texture of natural stone but it doesn’t have the high maintenance. Granite and other natural stones need to be sealed every two years. More delicate and porous stones, like marble, need to be sealed even more frequently—at least once a year. All you need to do is wipe it with a soft, non-abrasive mop and some warm, soapy water to keep it looking like new.
Being stain-resistant, moisture-resistant, and slip-resistant, porcelain is a good choice for your pool deck. It also resists fading, so porcelain will stay true to its original colour even after years in the sunniest part of your yard.
Porcelain is extremely trendy because of the advantages it offers over natural stone and marble. The use of porcelain slab in your GTA home and garden will bring you years of enjoyment.